Kaley Cuoco – Hot celebrity Kaley Cuoco photos

Kaley Cuoco can have a mohawk and still be OH SO HOT!!!

The star of The Big Bang Theory was part of a massive leak that saw nude photos of hundreds of celebrities hit the web. Cuoco was one of the biggest names along with Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, but the worst may not be over for Cuoco.

A new report indicates that two new nude pictures of Kaley Cuoco could still be released as part of a second wave of racy photos.

On Reddit, where many of the pictures first hit the web after being linked to the image-sharing board 4chan, many users were excited about the possibility of more nude photos from Cuoco.

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John Travolta’s Home Airport

It’s no secret that John Travolta is an eccentric, but who would have expected him to build an airport and home in one?

John Travolta google earthJohn Travolta’s home in Ocala, Florida is one of very few non-commercial airports in the world with a runway long enough to handle aircraft the size of his personal Boeing 707. Check out the internal and external shots in this Architectural Digest feature. Completely. Crazy.  Google Maps / Google Earth

Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp

Tetris piece shaped lamps that you can stack. What a wonderful idea! Of course, you’re going to have to be sure to stack them non-optimally. If you make a straight line, sure, you’ll get points, but then your lamp will disappear!

Tetris Lamp