Florida Restaurant Bans Ketchup For Anyone Over 10 Years Old – Articles


Fort Myers restaurant Mad Fresh Bistro has banned ketchup for all their patrons over the age of 10.

“Chef reserves the right to refuse service of ketchup,” reads the menu.

Mad Fresh Bistro’s logic is they season their food well and it should not be smothered by the processed, tomato-based condiment.

We know, we know. People love their ketchup. But honestly, be ready. If you’re over 10 years old, ketchup will NOT be provided. Similarly, salt won’t be making an appearance next to your meal, either. We simply ask that you trust us. We know what we’re doing! Part of the MAD experience is to trust the chef, and not have preconceived notions of what your dish is going to need.



Google Maps : Real time view of earth – Technology

  1. Open Google Maps and enable new maps (if you haven’t yet).
  2. Zoom out till you can.
  3. Click on satellite view on the bottom left corner box.

google maps world map

You will see Earth like this:

google earth earth view

You can see real time Earth shadow, the shadowed part of Earth is actually dark at the particular moment you are seeing.

The lights as indicated by smaller arrow are the actual glow of city street light (not real time though).
Zoom in by two mouse scrolls:

Those cloud cover are actual! And in real time!

goole maps clouds


Gun show and bacon fest : The hardest choices in life – People

I'm surprised the arrows aren't pointing the same direction. Bacon Gun Show Fest Extravaganza

Argh.. Guns.. noo! Bacon!.. But I love guns! No, bacon smells delicious! CAN I TEAR MYSELF IN TWO?! Gun shows are awesome and bacon makes them better.