How to access Microsoft Windows hidden function : God Mode – Technology

In Microsoft Windows, there is a hidden function which allows all system management tools to be Conveniently accessed from a single place. It is called as GodMode.

GodMode is not a plugin, or a software. To activate a GodMode shortcut, you just need to create a new folder and rename it to a specific file name with a code.

  • Create a new folder anywhere on your Desktop and rename the folder from ‘New Folder’ to this exact code: 


  • You’ll notice while pasting the exact code as above into the folder name, the part ‘GodMode.’ won’t get placed over there and only the code with the curly braces will, cause that part becomes the folder name and the code implements all the functions into the folder. You can also rename the folder to anything you want! 

    Windows Hidden "God Mode" Windows Hidden “God Mode”

  • Just hit enter and your GodMode shortcut will get created. The folder icon will resemble like that of Control Panel. 
  • You can now accss all the functions and tools from one place which are originally intended to be available only to Microsoft developers.

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