The king of video games is a plumber Mario – Games

Smashing the competition with a commanding 524 million copies of games sold across several genres, Mario is a beloved gaming icon that transcends generations.

supeeer mario

With cute cartoon graphics and games for all kinds of players, the Mario brand is a good fit for just about any sort of gamer, or even non-gamer. Like tricky platformers? Any number of Mario games has you covered. Sports? Try Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, or Mario Tennis. For racing, of course, there’s the addictive Mario Kart series.

Arguably more than any other franchise, it’s the Mario series that gamers can thank for bringing their passion into the mainstream. To this day, even with the focus on HD graphics and bigger productions, there’s no better guarantee of fun than picking up a Mario title.


Justin Bieber isn’t really famous for his singing anymore – Epic Fail

justin bieber shirtless

Justin Bieber is continually onstage and walking around airports shirtless. His Instagram account is covered in numerous shirtless selfies, screaming for the world to notice him. Hollywood celebs have even begun to get fed up with it as actress, Olivia Wilde took to Twitter in March of 2013 stating

Bieber, put your f***ing shirt on. (unless you lost all your shirts in a fire in which case my condolences and please purchase a new shirt.)


Everyone has somebody to love in the DC universe – Other

They ALL love them because they have power. Of course love in Manga & Anime isn`t any saner.