Geographic facts that may be shocking

  • At the Panama Canal, the Atlantic Ocean is on the West and the Pacific Ocean is on the East.
  • North America is almost completely west of South America
  • LA is closer to London than it is to Hong Kong or Sydney.
  • At the Northern Border of Bangladesh, there’s a piece of India inside a piece of Bangladesh inside a piece of India inside of Bangladesh
  • On Victoria Island, Canada, there’s an island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island.
  • Mt. Thor on Baffin Island, Canada, features the largest vertical drop in the world. If you jumped from its peak, you could fall 1.25 kilometers (4/5 of a mile).

Some Mind Blowing Paradoxes to keep you thinking!

9 one line Paradoxes

  • Nobody goes to the restaurant because it is too crowded.
  • Don’t go near the water until you learn how to swim.
  • Can a man drown in the fountain of eternal life?
  • Your mission is not to accept the mission. Do you accept?
  • If I ask you out on a date, would your answer be the same as your answer to this question?
  • This sentence is false.
  • If everything is possible, is it possible for something to be impossible?
  • What happens if Pinocchio says “my nose will now grow”?
  • If you make a new years resolution to not keep any new years resolutions would you keep it?

Some Great Cosmic Calendar Answers

The amazing thing about the cosmic calendar, looking backward, is that if the entire history of the universe were treated as a linear year, all of historical humanity fits easily within the last minute of the year.

There are, in a year, a little more than 31.5 million seconds.

So the 13.8 billion years looking backwards, equates every single second on the cosmic calendar to over 400 years of time. So on this scale,

One second is over 430 years of time
One minute is over 26,000 years
One hour is over 1.5 million years.

What if we run the cosmic calendar forward. What will we see?

cosmic calendar

Here’s what’s going to happen in the next second.

Computation will have progressed to occur at the level of individual molecules.
With this ability, biology will have become a hard science, with full numerical understanding of life processes.
As a result of this, human aging will be reversed, diseases eradicated, and eternal youth will be a cheap birthright.
Fusion Power will have advanced so that clean, cheap energy is in our total command
Space flight will have advanced to the extend that the entire solar system is within our available resources
Robotics will advance to the point that fully human equivalent robots (and far from equivalent, human superior) will have taken over all work processes. It’s unlikely we’ll be unwise enough to also endow them with negative human motives and passions
This combination of abundant clean energy, abundant work capacity and abundant resources will mean that no one need work to survive.

This means, within just a single second on the cosmic calendar, there will be people born who have no expiration date, who have no struggle to survive who earth may not have even their birth home, and who, for all practical purposes, will be here as long as the universe remains.

That’s just one cosmic second into the future.

Within a cosmic minute

If there are physical ways to travel faster than light (FTL), we’ll have found them. But even without that ..
The huge capacity of fusion reactors will allow us to start to make antimatter in large quantities.
So even if FTL is impossible and with mere ion propulsion fueled by antimatter, we will have outposts and space faring civilizations at most of the stars we can see in the earth’s night sky, and many we can’t. (contrary to popular misconception, most of the individual stars we see at night with the unaided eye are relatively close on a cosmic scale)
And some of those outposts will be moving in the direction of the galactic core which, by that time, some of us will be fast approaching.

Within 5 cosmic minutes

We’ll have spanned the milky way galaxy.

Within a cosmic hour

We’ll have reached the nearby galaxies in the local group and have populated them as well.
By the second cosmic hour we’ll have reached and populated Andromeda, our big sister galaxy.

Within the 2nd cosmic day, moving forward

We’ll have reached and populated the nearby virgo cluster of over a 1000 large galaxies.

Deep time

The universe is expected to be able to support our form of life, as it is now, around the orbits of red stars that will continue to shine for at least 50 trillion years going forward. So if you look at the cosmic calendar not just from the the beginning of time until now, but from now until red stars wink out, the cosmic calendar extends at least 3,000 years into the future at the 438 years per second pace that makes this the universes first birthday.

The most amazing thing about the universe

So when you look at the cosmic calendar as a 3,000 year calendar, we are living in the 1 second in that 3,000 year period, the single second in which the first people are going to be born who will be there, spanning the cosmos for the entirety of the remaining 3,000 years. (Further if they advance engineering far enough)

To me that is the most amazing thing. This is the second when there will be, or are already people born who will live at least as long as the universe will continue to be able to support life. It’s the second between life that just happened, and life we are in control of. This second, right now. It’s the only second like it in the entire 3,000 year cosmic calendar, the cosmic year going back, and the cosmic 3,000 years going forward.